An Approach to Making a Visual Essay

A visual essay is a special assignment. It involves creating a paper provided with a number of images and photos, which are original and processed with a graphics editor like Photoshop. The images are to be combined to form a visual sequence to support, criticize or explain a subject or topic assigned by your teacher or selected on your own.

This type of assignment is considered to be a progressive educational tool. Given it is quite new, many students hardly have an idea about how this type of document should be composed. Actually, the task requires special image editing skills. This means a student should master graphics software first, for example Photoshop, PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker etc. When a presentation contains graphical materials, it enhances its efficiency multifold, which is the main reason many colleges and universities adopt this assignment type.

Basic Principles of Using Visual Elements

Most of the time, a visual essay should be a sequence of logically connected images which help deliver the main idea of the work. The easiest way to secure this is making a slide show where images are accompanied with text notes. A more challenging option is writing the paper on comics or take a sample onĀ – Affordable Homework Help Online .

Whatever form you choose, the approach is basically the same as with writing an ordinary essay. First, you need to conduct a research. This preparatory step is very important. It determines how easy the process will go and how successful the result will be. The preparation involves selecting relevant materials and coming up with a general outline of the paper.

Once images to be used are selected, you can define, based on their number, how much text each picture or slide will contain. Consider what editing and customization are required to make the graphics more informative and attractive. You will often be better off using different types of pictures: photos, graphs, tables etc. Generally, visual delivery boosts comprehension of the information by the audience. An informative slide helps grasp the essence of a message much faster than any verbose explanation.

Use different sources to derive data and graphics. Make sure the data you are going to present are up to date. Double check information made available on less reliable resources.

Visual essay assignments are not as common as written ones. This is why fewer students know how to fulfill the task successfully. While rather challenging, this kind of activity is rewarding from an academic perspective. The skills it develops can help aspiring young people in the future. Still, if you are unfamiliar with graphics editing software, this type of assignment is not for you as yet. You should educate yourself on handling with images and presentations first.

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