On Personal Statement Grammar

There are different situations when it is important for us to impress our potential employer, teacher, colleagues or just people around us. In this respect, the ability to speak and write grammatically cannot be underestimated. You too sometimes judge people by these skills. They said is even more important when it comes to submitting a personal statement. This kind of document is to reveal strengths and weaknesses of its author. Let’s discuss some basic guidelines from the site WritingStatement.com you will be better off to follow to make your paper as impressive as possible.

  • Commas

Commas are what many people underestimate. This, however, is just because they do not know how to use them properly. The relevant rules are neither extensive nor complicated, so you can read and adopt them easily. A personal statement often contains a list. Remember that commas are mandatory after each element. Putting a comma before ‘and’ is a matter of your personal preference.

  • Concise Sentences

Long and intricate sentences make a writing document difficult to comprehend. Reread your text with another person’s eyes to understand how clear it is. Don’t hesitate to break long statements into shorter fragments. Each period means a logical pause, so such a text will be easier to understand.Grammar

  • Personal Pronouns

Avoid confusion with personal pronouns. What can be used in colloquial speech oftentimes is not admissible in an official paper like a personal statement. Probably the most common mistake in this context is confusing pronounces ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’. To be on the safe side, keep your sentences and wordings simple. ‘I’ is the most neutral and official form, so it is a preferred option.

  • Foreign Words and Names

When it comes to words borrowed from other languages, their spelling may be different from that in their original language, particularly if the latter involves diacritical marks. Also, some words may have two admissible spelling versions. You may face the same problem with foreign names. Whether you should leave them as is, transcribe or adapt to English-language traditions, depends on your personal preferences and their established mode of use. Most of these discrepancies are not considered as mistakes though.

  • Reading Should Be Enjoyable

A text has to be easy-to-read. This is probably the most important rule, which applies to any writing works and documents, the personal statement being no exception. To understand whether you have succeeded with this aspect, read your paper aloud. This simple method will help you feel how pleasant or unpleasant it is to listen to and read your text. Revise clumsy or encumbered passages making you stumble during reading.

In this article, we did not discuss the content of a personal essay. This is because a grammar aspect is of high importance too. Even a knowledgeable student can compose a poor paper, and vice versa. Pay due attention to grammar to provide better experience to readers. A seamlessly composed text has higher chances to be read to the very end. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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